The new blog.

After a successful run of greaser-confessions as a sideblog, I’ve decided to switch to a separate blog. Just follow the link above! There are a few special things you can do there, too.

  • Submit your confessions.
  • Request a GIF set from a Greaser movie.
  • Becoming a moderator! Just fill out the application
  • Connect with other greasers! Have your name put onto the greaser list.

I know, I’m never on buT there’s [this] modern Outsiders roleplay and I think you’d really like it!

My life is ruined. Not really. My laptop is broken, so I can’t make any graphics right now. Keep submitting, though!


ponyboy + two-bit

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We are open for your confessions, once again! If you haven’t seen you confession up, you have sent it during the time in which we were making them into graphics, which I requested and warned against doing. 

If you had gotten them in on time, they’re in the queue. They should be up shortly. I will be checking on them within the next few hours, so if they are not in the queue, I will make sure that they are up and ready to go! 

So what are you waiting for, Greasers? Start submitting [here]

Edit: Submission isn’t working. Yes, I have gone through and turned it on. I will be working on getting it to work within a few minutes. For the time being, please submit through the ask box (as shown on page.)

Dallas Winston intrigues me. I want to know someone who’s like Dallas and i want to be the person who saves him.


I really, really, really wanna have sex with Sodapop Curtis.


Hi i was wondering if you could do a Johnny one where it says “I wish i was thair to save Johnny” sorry if i spelled thair wrong :/
*note: It’s no problem, babe. That’s what I’m here for!

Currently searching for a co-admin for this lovely confession blog. If you’re interested, please go under read more and complete the form. 

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I would be the idiot to fall in love with a boy like Dallas Winston or Tim Shepard, but I hope that they would be an idiot and fall in love with me too.


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